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What Are The Pollutants In The Air
- Jan 23, 2019 -

First of all, air pollutants are divided into particulate matter and toxic and harmful gases. Particulate matter is also divided into dust, smoke, fog and microorganisms. And both poisonous gas and toxic vapor are toxic and harmful gases.


Dust refers to tiny solid particles suspended in the air. Generally produced by the solid material being crushed by mechanical force, the particle size is from a few hundred micrometers visible to a few micrometers or even a few micrometers that are invisible to the naked eye. Smoke refers to the rapid cooling of metal to produce tiny solid particles, usually produced by condensation of gas or vapor. The mist is a tiny droplet suspended in the air, which is mostly caused by liquid spraying or vapor condensation. And Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, etc., which can be attached to other particulate matter and inhaled by the human body in the air, resulting in various diseases.

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The poisonous gas is a harmful substance in a gaseous form at room temperature. It spreads with the movement of the airflow, and is fast and difficult to be detected. When the poisonous gas leaks, it should quickly escape to the upper air outlet of the leak source. And toxic vapor is a substance that is solid or liquid at room temperature and is vaporized or sublimed.

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