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The Fog And Haze Is Coming, Do You Have A Mask?
- Jan 22, 2019 -

The fog and haze consists mainly of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and respirable particulate matter, which combine with the mist to make the sky instantly dark and dark. And the source of fog and haze is diverse, such as automobile exhaust, industrial emissions, building dust, garbage incineration, and even volcanic eruptions. Smog weather is usually formed by a mixture of various sources of pollution.

fog and haze

There are three elements in the formation of fog and haze: The first is to generate a physical source of particulate dust. Second, the poor movement caused dust. Third, the dust source and the motion difference process are concentrated in a certain spatial range, and the particles eventually aggregate with water molecules to form a fog and haze.


At this time, the choice of protective equipment should be N95 mask, KN90 mask, gas mask or air purifier etc. Because these masks can effectively filter out particulate matter from the air. So when you go out, do a self-protection, wear a special anti-fog and haze PM2.5 mask.


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