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Study Tour-----PPE Plus
- Jan 25, 2019 -

Today, more than forty companies from Xi'an came to our company(PPE Plus) to study. First of all, our company colleagues took them to visit our company and introduced company's products for them, explaining the company's lack of ceiling meaning --- no ceiling represents performance without capping.

ppe plus

Then, David Cai explained to them that although he does not understand foreign trade, traditional foreign trade has been done for more than 60 years. When doing foreign trade, he is learning and progressing together with everyone.

PPE Plus,

The general manager of the foreign trade department shared with them the methods of management and business improvement of the company and showed them how to achieve a million team during three months from zero to one.


Another colleague of the company shared with all the companies present how to make a single order, what needs to be paid attention to when ordering, and the importance of writing an email, etc.

Let's learn together, and we are constantly looking for new opportunities to offer better service and exceed all of your expectation, We look forward to working with you.

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