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Work Safely with the Proper Respirator
- Jan 28, 2019 -

Respiratory hazards, including oxygen-deficient atmospheres and airborne contaminants like dusts, mists, gases, and fumes, pose a great threat to workers. And inhaling dangerous substances can lead to illness, injuries, lost work time, and more. So the quality of the air we breathe is among the most precious of safety concerns on a work site.

Respirators are an effective defense against dusts, mists, gases, and fumes, and protect workers by filtering hazardous particles from the air, purifying the air, or supplying clean air from an outside source. Since they provide such a vital function, they’re one of the most important pieces of a worker’s personal protective equipment. Therefore, we need to choose the right respirator according to different air quality and workplace.

Particulate Respirators (disposable masks)

Particulate respirators protect only against dust, particles, fumes, and mists. They don’t protect against chemicals, gases, or vapors; therefore, they are to be used for low hazard conditions only.

disposable masks

Chemical Cartridge / Gas Mask Respirators

Gas Mask Respirators comprised of a facepiece or mask and a cartridge or canister. And there are numerous cartridges and canisters to choose from, these respirators can also incorporate additional filters to remove particles. So chemical cartridge and gas mask respirators filter or clean chemical gases out of the air as the wearer breathes.

Gas Mask Respirators

Choosing the right respiratory protection keeps workers safer, minimizes injuries, and increases comfort and productivity. And PPE Plus can supply all kinds of masks with high quality, we hope you choose us with more confidence.

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