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Use and maintenance of respiratory protection products
- Dec 27, 2018 -

         Respiratory protective equipment is essential for people working on construction sites, so how can we use it properly and make it live longer?

Gas Mask

How to use respiratory protection products:

First: One-handed light grip.

Second: Cover to the nose and mouth.

Third: Nested into the lower headband.

Forth: Take out the upper headband.

Fifth: Nested in the upper headband.

Last: Adjust nose clips and headbands, check air tightness.

How to clean protective equipment:

A: Remove filter material and valve plate before cleaning.

B: Pour the right amount of warm water or neutral soapy water.

C: Clean the stain with a soft brush and dry it with a sterile towel.

          Some respiratory protection products need to be replaced every day or replaced for 8 hours. And it is forbidden to continue to use after cleaning. For reusable respiratory protection products, we hope you can save and clean them properly, which will make them last longer. And our company has many respiratory protection products, if you have any needs, please contact us or email to us via bettybing@xalb.com.


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