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The advantages of headband earmuffs
- Jan 09, 2019 -

Headband earmuffs is the one of hearing protection product. And the earmuffs are divided into folding earmuffs, neckband earmuffs, cap type earmuffs and headband earmuffs. Although they are function is anti noise, the pro and cons of each type are different. First of all, let's look at the advantages of headband earmuffs.

headband earmuffs

Highest 34dB NRR Protect Your Hearing.Noise levels above 125dB for even short periods of time can cause hearing loss for a lifetime! Headband earmuffs provides 34dB noise deduction to block hazardous sounds and protect you from hearing damage.

Unique Technology Silent Your. WorldTwo layers of professional noise dampening foam, high sealing solid cups and unique double-shell separated by foam can blockade sound travels more effectively. It can achieve uninterrupted work in harsh environments.

Super Comfort Wearing For Anyone.First of all, it has soft and wide cushions and a rotating cup to comfortably seal the ears. The second padded headband provides a soft fit. Finally, it is suitable for children and adults because of the adjustable headband.

Easy for Carry and Storage.Foldable size packs into tiny storage spaces. And a travel bag is included for convenient packing. Light weight for efficient portability and storage.

PPE Plus have various types of earmuffs, and they are not only equipped with high quality but also have good safety performance.



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