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Part of the gas mask
- Feb 12, 2019 -

The gas mask is mainly composed of filter elements, a cover, an eye window, an exhalation device, and a headband.

gas mask

The filter element only allows the body to pass through the clean air. And the inside is equipped with a filter layer for treating aerosols (fine particles suspended in the air), also known as a filter layer, which is actually a layer of special filter paper. It not only filters out harmful aerosol particles with high efficiency, but also does not produce obvious resistance to the human body's breathing. The filter element is also equipped with anti-toxic charcoal specially designed to deal with toxic gas. In addition to the reasonable pore structure, the anti-toxic charcoal must be treated with special chemicals to absorb a large amount of toxic gases.

The mask cover is the main component that makes the components of the gas mask integral. Initially, the close-fitting frame is made of a piece of rubber, called a single piece of close-fitting frame. It can be used with the face, the structure and the manufacturing process are very simple, but after wearing it often makes the protruding part of the human face feel unbearable tenderness, and the dynamic air tightness is also poor. Later, a single-reflex edge close-packed frame structure appeared. It adds a circle of re-folding on the basis of the plane close-fitting frame, and relies on the elastic tension of the rubber to form a close force on the human face. When the pressure in the mask is greater than the external pressure during exhalation, it is a tight-fitting frame structure with positive pressure and air tightness. The SLR folding frame is undoubtedly a big step forward than the single-piece sealing frame. However, there is still a big gap in meeting the tactical use requirements.

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