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Inspection and maintenance of hand protection products
- Dec 29, 2018 -

Hand protective equipment is often used in our daily life, so how to check hand protective equipment is correct? How do you use it for longer?

hand protection

How to check hand protective equipment?

1.Check the gloves for damage before each use, whether there is damage, small holes, abrasion, especially finger joints;

2.Chemical resistant gloves can be inspected using the inflation method;

3.If the glove is damaged, infiltrated, or pierced, the glove must be replaced and the hand thoroughly cleaned;

How to maintenance hand protection equipment?


1. Please clean the appearance of the gloves before removing the gloves;

2. Gloves can be rinsed in running water and then air dried, but the protective properties of the gloves may be affected;

3. When a large amount of chemical substances remain, wash with a suitable solvent;

4. Avoid using corrosive cleaning solutions;

5. After washing, dry thoroughly;


Dry, protected from light, in a room temperature environment.


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