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How to choose the hanging point of the seat belt (fall protection)
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Fall protection is essential for those working at high altitudes. Seat belt is the one of fall protection products, and the role of the seat belt is to pull the worker in the event of a fall so that it will not be injured and will not slip off the seat belt. So how to choose a right hanging point of seat belt for people working at height?

seat belt

First, this hanging point can withstand 10KN static load for 3 minutes, avoiding falling because of the inability to bear weight. Second, the work area is high enough to avoid the underlying structure when falling. Third, High hanging low. Last, as close as possible to the workplace, avoiding worker pendulum effects and cause worker injury.

 So there are places that are suitable for hanging points. First, steel beam of a building, second dedicated hanging point and scaffolding steel pipe and so on. Mainly for some sturdy and affordable points that hold your own weight. Then, there are some places that are not suitable for hanging points: water pipe、cable tray、railing and unstable structural parts.

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