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Classification of insulation products
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Insulation products is divided into insulation suits, insulated helmets, insulated gloves, insulating sleeves, insulated boots and insulated shoes, etc. And the most important is insulated gloves in life.

The insulated suits is made of EV resin material, and this product is suitable for protecting electricians from electric shock when carrying live working on electrical equipment with AC voltage of 10KV and below.

insulated suits

The advantages of the insulating helmet are excellent impact resistance, good insulation performance, wide temperature range, and excellent lateral resistance. It is suitable for live working personnel under 10KV voltage to protect the head protection.

insulating helmet

The insulating sleeve is mainly used in workplaces where the AC voltage is less than 17000V and the DC voltage is less than 25500V. This product should be stored in a special box, avoid direct sunlight, rain and snow to prevent extrusion and folding. This product is forbidden to come into contact with oil, acid, alkali or other corrosive substances, and is more than 1m away from the heat source, and the storage environment temperature is between 10~20 degrees Celsius.

insulating sleeve

The insulating gloves are suitable for wearing in electric workplace to prevent the hand from directly touching the electricity to avoid electric shock and to protect the hand. The operator can select different types of products according to the working field of different voltage levels. They are divided into latex impregnated and dry rubber vulcanized.

insulating gloves

The insulated boots are suitable for electric power and electrical equipment between 400V and 35000V, to prevent the foot from directly touching the electricity, so as to avoid electric shock and foot protection.

insulated boots

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